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Business lines

We develop our activity in different energy sectors, carrying out projects of great importance. We offer a wide range of services for private and public clients.


Selection of some of the most relevant projects in each of our business lines.

Sustainability and Innovation

For Eiffage Energía Sistemas Group, low-carbon construction is one of the main targets, being also an opportunity to make a difference in terms of sustainability.


Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the essential practices for the company, being one of the main axes in all our branches and subsidiaries around the world.
This CSR policy must respect all employees, communities and also environment, with the integration of ethical values.


Working at Eiffage Energía Group is a great choice. We take care of our employees and offer them training and development within the company, even having the possibility of being part of the shareholders.


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Family open day at Eiffage Energía Sistemas

As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Eiffage Energía Sistemas the company organised an Open Day on Saturday 21 October, inviting our families to discover our workplace first hand.

As part of this event, the headquarters, located in Albacete, opened its doors to partners, daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, etc., of the people who work here to allow them to discover a building that is a benchmark in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency, as our CEO, José Manuel Martínez, pointed out in his welcoming remarks.

In addition to visiting the facilities, organised as group tours, the attendees were able to enjoy various activities, such as a talk on occupational safety to prove that at Eiffage Energía Sistemas we feel safe “on this matter”. It should be highlighted that most of the children, even the youngest, were generally aware of all the mandatory PPE signs and of the protection offered by most of the PPE on display.

For their part, the adults, who participated very actively in the exhibition, were surprised by the wide variety of PPE available and showed a lot of interest, particularly in the electrical PPE.

Activities for children

Without a doubt, the little ones were the stars of the show, participating in two age-based workshops.

For kids up to the age of 8 there were entertainment and craft activities: archery, creating a wind turbine with recycled materials, energy experiments, etc. Those from 9 to 15 years old enjoyed a 3D printing workshop, in which they made a personalised wind turbine.

In the meantime, the different teams of adults visited the facilities in groups. Each person was introduced to the department in which their family member works and then visited the control centre, from where solar farms from all over the world are monitored, operated and maintained by the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) department. It was a very successful visit.

Green hydrogen, drone displays and training

Our visitors also had the opportunity to learn about a project related to green hydrogen and the ecological transition, which has allowed us to produce renewable hydrogen from the electrolysis of water, making us the second company to do so, after Iberdrola.

And something very exciting to be enjoyed by adults and children alike was an exhibition of the drones that we use in our development and maintenance processes. They are an innovative tool for electrical facility construction and maintenance processes, maintenance work on power generation and transmission facilities, among other things. Also in the open air, we were able to attend an exhibition at our training camp, given by one of our Live-line Work teams.

In addition, the day featured the inauguration of a photography exhibition of the II Photography Competition aimed at Eiffage Energía Sistemas Group workers, another activity run as part of the celebrations to mark the company’s 20th anniversary, the winners of which were recently selected.

All in all, it was an enjoyable day that allowed us to share some of our work with our loved ones. Our thanks go out to all the people who made this event possible.