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We develop our activity in different energy sectors, carrying out projects of great importance. We offer a wide range of services for private and public clients.


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Sustainability and Innovation

For Eiffage Energía Sistemas Group, low-carbon construction is one of the main targets, being also an opportunity to make a difference in terms of sustainability.


Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the essential practices for the company, being one of the main axes in all our branches and subsidiaries around the world.
This CSR policy must respect all employees, communities and also environment, with the integration of ethical values.


Working at Eiffage Energía Group is a great choice. We take care of our employees and offer them training and development within the company, even having the possibility of being part of the shareholders.


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The first stone is laid at Eiffage Energía’s new head office in Albacete

Nueva sede Eiffage Energía Albacete

This very morning, at about 12:00 midday took place the act of the inauguration of the works for Eiffage Energía’s new head office in Albacete. This symbolic act of laying the first stone was attended by the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page along with Ludovic Duplan, Deputy CEO of Eiffage Énergie and José Manuel Martínez, CEO of Eiffage Energía.

The  new head office of Eiffage Energía in Spain located on the road to Mahora, Km 3,200 and which will be operational next year, is a step forward for one of Castilla-La Mancha’s companies with most international potential.

The project includes extending and refurbishing the existing facilities of the Eiffage Energía Group in Spain, the comprehensive remodelling and extension of the office building, the removal of the vehicle workshop and the reorganisation of the storage warehouse. Also will take place the construction of a new building devoted to parking and the complete reorganisation of the plot, which includes parking, access and green areas, among others.

The scope of action represents an investment of approximately 4 million Euros and will accommodate some 250 professionals from central services, while providing direct service to the entire organisation at national and international level. Among the objectives of this new construction is that of centralising and integrating the different departments to optimise resources, thus improving productivity and profitability and reducing environmental impact.


The project has the Green Environmental Certificate-GBCe(Green Building Council España) due to its incorporation of technical specifications of eco-efficient materials, systems and installations that increase energy efficiency and reduce consumption and therefore environmental impact. The complex will be equipped with, among others, photovoltaic solar, aerothermal solar installation, biomass power plant, rainwater recovery, comprehensive LED lighting, BMS-EMS systems, recharging of electric vehicles, as well as passive systems of sun protection and green roofs.

Specialised in electrical infrastructures, installations, maintenance, renewable energy, electro-medicine, civil engineering and construction, Eiffage Energía boasts more than 30 delegations in Spain. Its workforce exceeds 2,500 employees, 800 in Castilla-La Mancha and, of them, some 700 in Albacete.

It also relies on its 7 subsidiaries: Eiffage Energía Chile, Eiffage Energía Mexico, Eiffage Energía Peru and Eiffage Energía Jamaica, created recently, and the other three, Ambitec, Inelbo and Conscytec, with head offices in Spanish territory and which have the back up of the more than 170 years of experience of the Group present in the five continents and with nearly 65,000 employees.

The refurbishment and renovation project for the new head office of Eiffage in Spain is now a reality. Great news for such an important year that Eiffage Energía is having and which is included in the projects that are being developed at both national and international level.

Video laying of the first stone

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