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Business lines

We develop our activity in different energy sectors, carrying out projects of great importance. We offer a wide range of services for private and public clients.


Selection of some of the most relevant projects in each of our business lines.

Sustainability and Innovation

For Eiffage Energía Sistemas Group, low-carbon construction is one of the main targets, being also an opportunity to make a difference in terms of sustainability.


Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the essential practices for the company, being one of the main axes in all our branches and subsidiaries around the world.
This CSR policy must respect all employees, communities and also environment, with the integration of ethical values.


Working at Eiffage Energía Group is a great choice. We take care of our employees and offer them training and development within the company, even having the possibility of being part of the shareholders.


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Eiffage Energía Sistemas participates in Albacete City Council’s “Plan A Emprende” awards

Plan A Emprende

Eiffage Energía Sistemas participates in the first edition of the Plan A Emprende awards organised by Albacete City Council.

This awards event aims to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurial initiative among students and professors at Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training centres, as well as among university students in the city of Albacete, by asking them to develop and defend an idea for a business project.

Prizes will be awarded for the development of a business project idea by Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, and/or Vocational Training students and professors in an effort to foster creativity and entrepreneurial motivation in the classroom.

Award for the best project

Eiffage Energía Sistemas sponsors the award for the best project by students in Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, and Intermediate Level Vocational Training. Each student who participated in the winning project will receive a smartwatch as a prize.

The presentation, which was made by the Councillor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Laura Avellaneda, was attended by our Director of Communication and Marketing, Mª Ángeles Castellanos, who encouraged students to participate.

Castellanos thanked the Albacete City Council for giving Eiffage Energía Sistemas the opportunity to partner with this initiative, highlighting the company’s dedication to training and talent-attraction programmes.

In this regard, the Director of Communication and Marketing at Eiffage Energía Sistemas, reminded attendees that we have several agreements with UCLM and the CLM Department of Education, Culture and Sports to promote training activities for recent graduates and students.

Examples of close cooperation with educational institutions in our region include:

In addition, our internship programme attracts the best students from all academic disciplines with the twin aim of training future professionals and attracting skills that enrich our company.

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Plan A Emprende Day

The awards are part of the Plan A Emprende Training Day, which will be held in the auditorium of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) on February 28, starting at 9.30 a.m. The Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Association of Young Entrepreneurs (AJE), the Entrepreneurial Vocational Training Classrooms and the UCLM came together to organise the event.

The day consists of talks and workshops on the topic given by prominent speakers such as Kike Fuentes and Pablo Peñalver, who will discuss entrepreneurship and their personal experiences. There will also be a presentation on the utility of the metaverse for entrepreneurs.

Three workshops are scheduled: Entrepreneurship with artificial intelligenceGetting started in 3D design and printing, as well as Play and learn: a hands-on Scrum workshop with construction components.


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